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School Closing Procedure

Weather-Related Closings:

There will be times when Rehoboth Christian School has a delayed start or is closed for the day due to weather conditions. In general, Rehoboth will make the decision to delay or start based on whatever Gallup Public Schools decides. However, the actual decision is made by the Assistant Superintendent after consulting with the Director of Transportation.

The best way to find out the status of school for the day is to call the school’s DELAY/CANCELLATION number (505) 726-9642 or look on the front page of the website. Information on delays or closings will be posted by 6:00 a.m. You may also determine the status of school for the day by watching or visiting the websites of television channels 4, 7, or 13. In addition, the status will be announced on AM radio station KGAK in Gallup and most of the local FM stations.

On days when school is delayed, there is no breakfast served. If school is cancelled, usually so are all of the activities that would have taken place after school that day.