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2018-2019 School Theme:  Come to the Water


Dear Parents,

My name is Bob Ippel and as Executive Director I am excited to welcome you to the 2018-19 school year. This year’s theme is “Come to the Water”  which is based on Isaiah 55.

People go through a lot of effort to be sure that they have access to clean water! In the early 1900’s the founders of Rehoboth looked at land around Sanders, Navajo Springs, Tanner Springs and Crownpoint before they found a ranch that had two wells, a pumping house, a windmill and a six hundred gallon water tank.  In 1903 the ranch became Rehoboth. By 1929 Rehoboth again was desperately in need of water as the school and hospital expanded. On August 17, 1929 at 6:50 am, a driller struck an artesian flow of water and there was great celebration!

Stories abound in Rehoboth’s history in which efforts were made to be sure the water was clean.  One school official discovered why a well had suddenly stopped producing clean water. He climbed down and found a dead sheep. In a more serious matter, widespread devastation occurred when a dam north of nearby Church Rock broke at an evaporation pond and 94 million gallons of radioactive waste flew into the Rio Puerco.  Since this event of the 1970s, people and livestock have suffered and efforts are being made to make this land whole again. More recently as drought has persisted and aquifers have been depleted- $1 billion dollars has been spent on piping clean water from the San Juan River to communities throughout the Navajo Nation and the city of Gallup so that there will be a water source for thousands of people.  Much effort is made to have adequate amounts of clean water.

At Rehoboth we invite students to come and encounter the water that gives life and quenches thirst! The children and families we serve are thirsty - thirsty for the hope and freedom that only Christ can offer. We ask that you pray for us as we challenge students to know the Triune God and equip them to love, serve and transform the world in His name!  

Bob Ippel
Executive Director


All who are thirsty, come to the waters! -Isaiah 55:1a