Carol Bremer-Bennett
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Carol Bremer-Bennett is a Christian, Native educator at Rehoboth Christian School just outside of Gallup, New Mexico. After graduating from Calvin College (Grand Rapids, MI) in 1991, God brought her to the Southwest to deepen her understanding of her Navajo heritage. That journey first led her to a volunteer youth ministry work and then to a career in middle school education at Rehoboth Christian school, where she has been employed since 1993. She has been active in the development and implementation of the middle school concept at Rehoboth and the design of the new middle school building.  Carol has her master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Western New Mexico University and currently serves as Rehoboth’s Superintendent. She enjoys sharing the history and culture of the Four Corners region with visitors and facilitates the cross-cultural seminars for Calvin College, Dordt College, and Trinity College, all of who have off-campus programs based at Rehoboth.   Her professional activities include work with the New Mexico Endowment for the Humanities to develop history units from Native perspectives, and a term as president of the Southwest Christian Teacher’s Association, a regional division of Christian Schools International. She has just completed six years on the Calvin College Board of Trustees and currently serves as the vice-president of the board for CARE 66, a local non-profit that seeks to end homelessness in Gallup.

Carol is born to the To’aheedliinii (Waters Flow Together) Clan and born for the Todich’iinii (Bitter Water) Clan.