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The Rehoboth Christian High School choir's "BeLonging" CD is a compilation of songs performed on their 2016 spring tour to the Midwest. The theme explores the reality that we are a longing people, and that we find our hope in belonging to Jesus and the body of Christ. The high school choir was joined by Lakota singer, Abe Benson and choir friend Eileen Denner. To God be the glory!

The choir is directed by Bob Ippel and Gail DeYoung. If you would like more information about the choir or Rehoboth Christian School, please

Track List:

1. Native Flute
2. Psalm 8
3. Lakota Lament
4. Come Sweet Death
5. The Yearning
6. Pie Jesu
7. Born in Another Man's Manger
8. Gethsemane
9. Power of the Cross
10. My Worth is Not in What I Own
11. Arise My Soul
12. I Will Rise
13. Let the River Run