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"Rehoboth, A Place For Us" By James Schaap

Price: $14.99

Every family has a story to tell, a unique tale of how they found their way in the world. With an enrollment of 490 students representing 321 families this year, there are 321 stories worth telling. But Rehoboth was privileged to have an outstanding writer spend time with some of its families leading to an album of “Rehoboth family stories”.

In this book, titled Rehoboth, A Place for Us, twelve families-some Native American, some Anglo-tell how they found a very special place at Rehoboth Christian School. Rehoboth's roots run deep in the Native community, but those roots also draw from the people of the Christian Reformed Church. These stories, as told to writer James C. Schaap, show how the lives of very different people intertwined in the red soil and sheep-grazed hills of New Mexico.