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Rehoboth Choir "Face To Face" Compilation CD

Price: $10.00


Voices From the Desert

This collection of songs was performed by the Rehoboth Christian High School Choirs from Rehoboth, New Mexico, on their tours in 2008 and 2010. Both tours invited the audience and choir members to come to a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. They also presented the challenge of living a life of compassion to others after experiencing the love and grace of the Father. The choirs were able to practice compassion by ministering through song and deed in such places as the Rose Bud Reservation of the Lakota in LA. The CD was recorded in the old Rehoboth church (with the chirping birds), the last recording to happen in the building. The 2010 songs were recorded in the "Mission House", one of the original buildings of the Rehoboth campus which now is the home of the choir. The directors pray that the songs of the High School Choir and a few by the 2010 middle schoolers will bring you great joy in coming face to face with the heart of God.


We LOVE music!

In a time where many schools face cuts in their music programs, Rehoboth Christian School has remained committed to music and musical excellence. Elementary students have general music classes two times per week. Middle School and High School students are offered both band and choir . The choirs, under the direction of Gail DeYoung and Bob Ippel, give performances each semester. The un-auditioned 65 voice high school choir has had the privilege of touring throughout the United States as ambassadors for the 108 year old school. The choirs and bands are always looking for new opportunities to share their love of the Lord through music!

Track Listing:

1. Jubilate Deo (0:33)

Sixth and Seventh Grade Choir

2. Everywhere I Go I See You (2:13)

Solo: Brian Alford '10

3. Worthy To Be Praised (4:38)

Solo: Nicole DeLeeuw '10, Jonathan Lynch '11

4. Down To The River To Pray/God Be In My Head (3:41)

Soloists: Nicole DeLeeuw '10, Terah Condrey '10

5. Come To The Water (4:33)

Soloist: Francesca Jarvison '08

6. Jesus Ayoo'asho'ni/He Knows My Name (3:00)

Soloist: Raven Pinto '16

7. Shine On Us (4:11)

Soloists: Travis Gonzales '12, Luke Morrison '10

8. Above All (2:45)

Soloist: Jonathan Lynch '11

9. I am the Resurrection (2:24)

10. Total Praise (2:21)

11. Let Everything That Hath Breath (2:38)

Soloist: Francesca Jarvison '08

12. Loch Lomond (3:45)

Soloists: David Hekman '08, Daniel Oliver '08

13. Macarena (1:20)

Soloist: Carlos DeSanctis '12

14. McDonalds (0:26)

Soloists: Michael Ippel '11, Daniel Oliver '08