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Board Members

Our school board is a faithful group that seeks to lead Rehoboth and ensure that we are accomplishing the mission of RCS and being good stewards of the resources that we have. All members profess their Christian faith and all are committed to Rehoboth’s mission. When they meet, the Holy Spirit is in the room as they are people of powerful prayer. We ask for your prayers for the school board throughout this year as they make decisions and serve the ministry of Rehoboth. Ahehee’! (Thank you!)


The Rehoboth Christian School Board is currently comprised of the following members: 

  • Myron Lizer-President 
  • James Rich - Vice-President
  • George Jacobs -Secretary
  • Eric Begay - Treasurer
  • Priscilla Armstrong-Ide 
  • Charlotte Martin 
  • Daisy Arsenault 
  • Vonda Claw
  • Jon Michael DeYoung
  • Jerrilyn Henry
  • George Jacobs
  • Tabitha Manuelito